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Angus Braithwaite: Gwisin (posted) 24 March–1 April 2018 | Artist’s Website

Angus Braithwaite | Gwisin (posted) | 24 March–1 April 2018, Daily 12–6pm | Private View: Fri 23 March 2018, 6–9pm | 92 Webster Road, London, SE16 4DF

Angus Braithwaite, Gwisin (posted), 2018. Image courtesy of the artist and Matt’s Gallery, London.
Press Information
Thanks for getting in touch.

The dates are perfect.

The work is almost ready this end and I will organise the postage — it should be arriving with you early March.

You will receive two packages/boxes. One contains a sculpture which should just be unfolded in the corner and placed on the floor of the gallery.

The other contains three Korean work lights with sequencers. After unpacking the contents I think this should also remain open on the floor of the gallery.

The lights will need a bit of wiring but this is quite simple, they then clip on to the sculpture at various points, which will be marked. This will be the only lighting so everything will be sent from here to you and all the stuff sent will be in the gallery.

The lights turn off and on in a random sequence (each light turning on for a different length of time). They should animate the sculpture, shifting the shadows on it and in the gallery but also going to black (like a trope from Korean/many Horror films). The lighting changes are also a bit like stage lighting in the theatre.

The sculpture is a small model of a section of a Restaurant here in Seoul, it is like an abstracted painted wooded assemblage but aspects of it point to its specific location. I have invited the ghost that moved my soup to inhabit the sculpture and come with it to London.

The title for the work/show is Gwisin* (posted).

*Gwisin is the Korean term for a ghost.

Download the Press Release.

For further information or visual material please contact us on 020 7237 0398 or email

Matt’s Gallery thanks the Arts Council England and Ron Henocq Fine Art for their generous support. 

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