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Juan Cruz: I don't know what I'm doing but I'm trying very hard. 8–16 September 2018 | Portrait of a Sculptor 2 July–2 September 2001 | James: Grey Doors, Woodyard, The Golden Heart (BACKSPACE) 25–29 November 1998 | Sancti Petri 14 January–1 March 1998 | Publications

Juan Cruz | Sancti Petri, 1998

Juan Cruz, Sancti Petri, 1998 (installation view)

Juan Cruz, Sancti Petri, 1998

Juan Cruz, Sancti Petri, 1998 (installation view)

Press Information
Juan Cruz’s recent work has taken other art, be it literary or visual, famous or neglected, and subjected it to a process of translation. This process often dwells on the relationship between narrative and physical space and how spatial experience can be powerfully suggested or created through even the slightest of means.

In Translating Don Quijote, 1996, Cruz made an oral translation of Cervantes’ novel sitting at a table for two weeks. The artist made no acknowledgement of the audience which was present over the duration of the performance, but engaged solely with the continuing process of the translation. No record of the translation was kept, the product of the artist’s efforts only existing for the different viewers who were present at the exact moment of the translation. Although this may suggest that what was important within the work was the act rather than the results of the translation, perhaps as important for the artist was that during the work he became an entity defined by its activity, almost like a functioning object rather than a performer.

The artist’s recent series of drawings of stage directions from Chekhov plays continued his attempt to explore the parallels between narrative and physical space. Drawn onto walls in faint grey pencil these works imply a spatial narrative through the slightest of presences, creating the impression of a space in the mind of the viewer within the apparently empty container of the gallery.

In his exhibition for Matt’s Gallery the artist will make a distinct shift away from a cultural source ­ instead taking the village of Sancti Petri in the province of Cadiz on the south coast of Spain as his starting point. The now derelict village of Sancti Petri was constructed in the 1940’s to serve as a base for the newly industrialised fishing activities of that part of the coast. The village contained harbour facilities, a fish processing plant, dwellings for the fishermen and workers and all the amenities that the people would have needed to live there - such as a school, a church, a bar and town hall.

Cruz collated information, selected images, translated and edited texts in the gallery space in which the work is exhibited. Situated in the centre of the gallery are a small group of functional objects - a screen, a projector and stand, a tape-deck and speakers - which form the essential structure in the space. Through projected slides and a recorded voice a description of Sancti Petri unfolds. Presented in full daylight rather than in the expected darkness, the materiality of the presentation is compromised, highlighting its physical nature as much as its narrative. It is as if the distant village were struggling to make its presence felt in its new location, the work being the summation of an attempt to remember, describe and ultimately attribute value to one place from the perspective of another.

Juan Cruz was born in Palencia, Spain in 1970. This is his first solo exhibition in a public gallery.

The exhibition has been supported by the cultural office of the Spanish Embassy.
For further information and visual material please contact the gallery.

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Born Palencia, Spain 1970. Lives and works in London Studied 1990-93 Chelsea College of Art, London (BA (Hons) Fine Art, Painting); 1992 Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin (Erasmus Exchange) Solo Exhibitions 2005 Juan Cruz is translating don Quijote (again), Peer, London 2004 Three Shows, Tabernacle Theatre, London 2002 National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow; Galeria Elba Benitez, Madrid 2001 Application for Planning Permit: Proposal to Build a Metaphor, Melbourne Festival [catalogue]; Portrait of a Sculptor, Matt’s Gallery, London [publication] 2000 We are going to tell lies, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Driving Back, Camden Arts Centre, London [CD]; Santa Maria 5 O’Clock, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge 1999 Juan Cruz, Galeria Elba Benitez, Madrid; Juan Cruz, Kettle’s Yard; Girton College Artist Fellow, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge [catalogue] 1998 Sancti Petri, Matt’s Gallery, London; James (BACKSPACE), Matt’s Gallery, London [publication] 1997 Juan Cruz, Genesta, London 1996 Translating Don Quijote, Instituto Cervantes, London; A room painted yellow, Genesta, London Group Exhibitions 2005 Spool, Consortium, Amsterdam, curated by Carl von Weiler (forthcoming); Other Plans, Forma, Newcastle, curated by Simon Morrissey (forthcoming); Drawing 200, the Drawing Room, London; Juan Cruz and Sam Fisher, Room, Bristol [publication] 2004 HERE, Camberwell College Library and Resonance FM, curated by Claudia Wegener 2003 Situations, lecture series selected by Claire Doherty, Arnolfini/UWE Bristol; Independence, South London Gallery; Isonerv, The Arts Building, London 2002 TECHNIKEN DES VORUEBERZIEHENS/techniques of passing~alluding, Fotoforum, Innsbruck, curated by Verena Gfader; Geometers, Nylon, London, curated by Simon Morrissey; Landing, Royal Holloway College, University of London [catalogue] 2001 Squatters, Serralves Foundation, Porto [catalogue]; Squatters, Witte de With, Rotterdam [catalogue]; Gymnasium, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria [catalogue] 2000 Point of View, Richard Salmon Gallery, London; Installation at British Embassy in Moscow [catalogue] 1999 Word enough to save a life, Word enough to take a life, Clare College Mission Church, London, curated by Simon Morrissey; Juan Cruz/Lucy Gunning, Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich, curated by Susanne Gaensheimer, [catalogue]; A Slip of the Mind, CRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Sete, curated by Florence Derieux, [catalogue]; Other Arrangements, Duende, Rotterdam, curated by Catsou Roberts [catalogue]; From Where - To Here, Konsthalle Gothenborg [catalogue] 1998 Soon, Het Consortium, Amsterdam, curated by Dermot O’Brien, [catalogue]; A to Z, The Approach, London, curated by Matthew Higgs; Artists of the World, Passage de Retz, Paris; LlathYard, Public sites in Cardiff, curated by Melanie Jackson, [postcards]; Neither/Nor, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, curated by Marina Fokidis; BACKSPACE, Matt’s Gallery, London [publication] 1997 Summer Collection, South London Gallery, London [publication]; Within These Walls, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge [catalogue] 1996 An Eternity With Boundaries: Giovanni Anselmo, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren, Juan Cruz, Genesta, London 1995 Eight, The Tannery, London 1994 The Curator’s Egg, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
Fellowships, Residencies, Awards 1999 Kettle’s Yard / Girton College Artist Fellowship, Cambridge; Kettle’s Yard / Girton College Artist Fellowship, Cambridge; Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award Collections Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London; Government Art Collection; South London Gallery Collection; British Land and Private Collections, London. Membership of professional bodies 1999 ­ 2002 Member of London Arts Visual Arts Advisory Group; 2000 ­ 2002 Member of Arts Council NTP selection Panel Teaching 2000-present 0.6 Lecturer in BA Fine Art (Studio Practice), Visual Arts Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London; 2002/4 Regular Visiting Tutor, Central St. Martins; 1997- present Guest Lecturer & Visiting Tutor at: University of East London, Wimbledon College of Art, KIAD (Canterbury), Bristol University, Middlesex University, Guildhall University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Glasgow School of Art, Chelsea College of Art, Konstakademi Oslo. Royal College of Art, Bath University, Central St Martins, Camberwell College of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University; 2000 External Examiner for PhD, Royal College of Art, London; 1997 Middlesex University ­ Regular Visiting Lecturer

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