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Oona Grimes | The Chorus, 2019


Medium Clay

Edition 120, each unique

Dimensions Variable, approximately 40–50 mm spherical + protuberances

Price £350 signed, numbered and boxed

Produced specially for Matt's Gallery's 40th Anniversary, September 2019.

Each piece is unique, with six variations or themes, individually made and hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist.

P&P £10 Contact us for an overseas postage & packing quote.

For further information contact or call 020 7237 0398.

About the artist

Oona Grimes is a London based artist, primarily a chaser of language through drawing and clay making. During her 2018 Bridget Riley Fellowship at The British School at Rome Grimes segued from thieving Lorenzetti tartans and cartoon detail from Etruscan paintings, to the appropriation of neorealist films - mis-remembered, imitated and low tech re-enacted: a physical drawing of herself captured on i-phone.

Oona Grimes is represented by Danielle Arnaud.

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