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Tina Keane: Revolver Part 3: Demolition/Escape 31 October–18 November 2012 | Artist’s Website

Tina Keane | Revolver Part 3: Demolition/Escape | 31 October–18 November 2012 | Private View: Sunday 28 October 2–5pm | view REVOLVER Part 3
Tina Keane, Demolition/Escape, 1983
Tina Keane, Demolition/Escape, 1983. Image courtesy the artist.

Tina Keane, Demolition/Escape, 1983
Tina Keane has been making work exploring moving image technology and mixed media practice to reveal the operations and poetries of memory and constructions of gender since the late seventies.

...a large brightly coloured model steam engine...shunts jauntily back and forth across the floor on a wide-gauge, twelve section track; a yellow indicator lights up as it moves forward, a red as it reverses. Behind and to the right of the track is a vertical column of six video monitors placed alternately right side up and upside down, so that the screens zigzag upward in a stepwise fashion. The monitors play a pre-recorded performance of the artist as she crawls along the floor, grasps a rope ladder and hauls herself up. The zigzagging of the monitors, the diagonals of the ladder and its shadow snaking across the screens, and the vertiginous shots of the artist clinging to this flimsy structure combine to create a queasy feeling of suspense and instability. The third part of the installation, which completes a three dimensional triangle, is a line of blue neon numbers from nine to one (a sliding scale or countdown), which diagonally ascends the wall from behind and the left of the track. The blue haze of the neon and the red light of the train are reflected by the blue and red hues of the video performance, a painterly use of colour and different light qualities which endows the work's sculptural physicality with physical presence.
  — Jean Fisher, Demolition/Escape, Art Forum, May 1983

Demolition/Escape (1983) is presented with the generous support of LUX - Artists' Moving Image, London.

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