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Andrew Kötting: Revolver Part 1: Klipperty Klöpp 5–23 September 2012 | Artist’s Website

Andrew Kötting | Revolver Part 1: Klipperty Klöpp | 5–23 September 2012 | Private View: Sunday 2 September 2–5pm | view REVOLVER Part 1
Andrew Kotting, Klipperty Kopp, 1984
Andrew Kötting, Klipperty Klöpp, 1984. Film still courtesy the artist.

Andrew Kötting, Klipperty Klöpp, 1984
Andrew Kötting is a filmmaker, artist and writer whose practice encompasses sound art, installation, experimental theatre, short film, artist's books and full length feature films; most recently Swandown, an installation and film based on a voyage made with Iain Sinclair in a pedalo from the Hastings coast to Hackney via the Sussex and Kent waterways.

Klipperty Klöpp is a film of the artist repeatedly and energetically running round a field in Gloucestershire pretending to be a horse. The record of this activity is accompanied by a soundtrack where certain phrases, some from the artist, some from written texts, can be made out from layers of sound.

In all Kötting's work, there is a more or less active reclamation of deep strains of popular experience and folk memory for the digital age. His project, vitally, operates against the hollow ordering of reality and existence. He is closer to the Native American Coyote, to the trickster, harlequin and knave in his operation than to the career 'administrator' artist. He is most adept at 'making do', at mining the creative possibilities of material or structural limitation to invigorating effect.
  —Gareth Evans, Lux

Surpasses even the 'Running-Jumping-Standing-Still Film'... a dada classic.
  —Phillip Jenkinson, Radio Times, 1986