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Jaroslaw Kozlowski | Grey Thoughts, 1990

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Price £10.00

Binding soft cover, wire stitched

ISBN 0 907623 20 4

Pages 20

Edition 500

Size 295mm (h) 210mm (w)

Text Jaroslaw Kozlowski

Design Jaroslaw Kozlowski

Published by Matt’s Gallery, London


Published to accompany Jaroslaw Kozlowski's exhibition In Yellow at Matt’s Gallery 14 February–4 March 1990.

If I want to say anything I use words which are usually taken from a different context. In general they keep their original meanings, but in particular they acquire new sense because of their contextual change. These words are more or less suitable to point out some aspects of my interest, but often it is difficult or almost impossible to find the right words to express what should really be expressed. They are too simple or too complex, too pathetic or too obvious, too precise or too enigmatic. In fact they are mostly wrong and confusing, nevertheless I still have to use them.