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Rebecca Lennon: Offsite at Southwark Park Galleries: LIQUID Postponed | WORDS ARE ANGULAR SHARP, TENANT 20 October–28 October 2018 | Artist’s Website

Rebecca Lennon | WORDS ARE ANGULAR SHARP, TENANT | 20–28 October 2018, daily 12–6pm | Private View: Fri 19 October 2018, 6–9pm | 92 Webster Road, London, SE16 4DF

Rebecca Lennon, WORDS ARE ANGULAR SHARP, TENANT, 2018, installation view. Image by Jonathan Bassett, courtesy of the artist and Matt’s Gallery, London.

Press Information
When I was young, maybe even 10, a group of teenagers punched me in a circle. I remember being impressed by the cleanness of the act, how visual it was, how choreographed it was, as they swang at me one by one until the whole circle released.


WORDS ARE ANGULAR SHARP, TENANT is an exhibition of new works in video, sound and text by Rebecca Lennon.

In the works gathered, Lennon layers images, speech, text and sound to meditate on questions of selfhood, language, dis/order and choreography.

Sewing together diaristic footage, with gestures and body language, hums and verbal tics, associations and repeated, spiralling phrases, these works reject linearity to instead explore fragmentary, rhythmical, circular and bodily narratives.

In Lennon's hands, images, sounds and words are treated with equal attention. These materials are combined, reworked and repeated; meaning and connotation slip and destabilise. The artist creates a situation in which languages (visual and verbal) can be set into play with one another. Variation, rhythm and counterpoint drive the composition of a series of new works presented in the gallery space at 92 Webster Road.


The works shown emerge from a long process of generating text, images, and sound. From this bank of material Lennon composes, edits and arranges to create works across which ideas resurface and recur, their relationships becoming redefined by their new contexts.

WORDS ARE ANGULAR SHARP, TENANT is the fifteenth in a series of 10-day shows at Matt’s Gallery.

For further information or visual material please contact us on 020 7237 0398 or email

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Matt’s Gallery thanks the Arts Council England and Ron Henocq Fine Art for their generous support. 

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