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Lindsay Seers | It Has To Be This Way, by M. Anthony Penwill, 2009

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Price free to visitors thoughout the exhibition

Binding softback, perfect bound,

ISBN 978 0 907623 64 9

Pages 128

Edition 3,000

Size 198mm (h) 129mm (w)

Design the artist with typography by Phil Baines

Text M. Anthony Penwill, Lindsay Seers

Published by Matt’s Gallery, London


It Has To Be This Way, by M. Anthony Penwill is published by Matt’s Gallery to accompany Lindsay Seers’ exhibition of the same title. The book is one element of the installation. Each element has arisen in relation to the total work, and all are mutually co-dependent.

From a tangle of manuscripts, research notes and a fateful box of photographs, Lindsay Seers tries to make sense of her step-sister's strange and desperate variant of Tarot in which photographs become a means of divination.

The structure of the novella, It Has To Be This Way by M. Anthony Penwill, draws from the archives of both the artist and her sister, Christine. The book is written through a process in which a narrative is founded on a selection of photographs. The archives from which the photographs were taken are constituted by the sisters' shared research from 1996–1999 on Queen Christina of Sweden (1626–1689). Inevitably, given their source, they reflect the life of Christine. M. Anthony Penwill has acted as an editor for this project and is the author of the resulting publication.

The publication is free to visitors throughout the exhibition.