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Matthew Tickle | What the eye can’t see the heart can’t grieve for, 2005

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Price £7.50

Binding CD cover with cellophane wrapper. Phamplet softcover, staples

ISBN 0 907623 27 1

Pages 48

Edition 500

Size 125mm (h) 142mm (w)

Text Sally O’Reilly and Dr Fay Dowker

Design Phil Baines

Published by Matt’s Gallery, London


DVD of a public artwork by Matthew Tickle at Queen Mary, University of London 8 February—23 March 2004, with accompanying essays by Sally O'Reilly and Dr Fay Dowker.

One-hundred Geiger counters detecting background radiation were placed in laboratories and offices throughout the campus of Queen Mary, University of London. Each Geiger counter was connected to a photographer's flash lamp that delivered a flash of light when a particle of radiation was detected. What the eye cant see the heart cant grieve for was visble during the hours of darkness.