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Roy Voss: Fathom, 9–17 June 2018 | All the World’s a Sunny Day, 21 January–8 March 2015 | Cast, Matt's Gallery & Dilston Grove, 28–30 September, 5–7 October and 12–14 October 2012 | Pine 10 September–2 November 2008 | Publications | Editions | Artist’s Website

Roy Voss | All the World’s a Sunny Day | 21 January–8 March 2015, Wednesday–Sunday 12–6pm | Private View: Sunday 18 January 2–5pm

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A single word can be powerful; it could make your day, it could break your heart.

A series of collages made by cutting a word from the back of a found postcard and inserting it into the image on the front. The multivalent words always conflate with the postcard’s image and in describing something of it, characterise an emotional state. Seen in series, the artworks form short open narratives.

Most of the cards were posted between the early 1960s and the mid 1980s. Many of the photographic images allude to paintings through imitating classical compositions; others are more prosaic, but contain delightful details and idiosyncrasies that are exaggerated by the printing technologies, embellished colours and deep shadows.

Sent through a sense of duty, but with love and a need to communicate and share, the mass-produced cards are now out of date and out of time. In an age of super-speed microchip communication, there is something melancholic about the brief, blue biro messages. There is also tenderness and an attempt at intimacy; a postcard is both intensely personal and private, but available for any number of people to look at and read.

All the World’s a Sunny Day is generously supported by Arts Council England.


For further information please contact us on 020 8983 1771 or email

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Studied 1990-92 M.A.F.A. Goldsmiths College; 1980-83 B.A.F.A. Maidstone College of Art Selected Solo Exhibitions 2015 All the World’s a Sunny Day, Matt’s Gallery, London 2014 Miss, Brontë Parsonage Museum, Haworth and South Square Gallery, Bradford 2012 Cast, Matt’s Gallery & Dilston Grove, Dilston Grove, London 2010 Roy Voss, Fordham Gallery, London 2008 Pine, Matt’s Gallery, London 2006 No place like home, Beacon Art Projects, Heritage sites, Boston, Lincolnshire; Roy Voss, 3˚W Gallery, The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere 2002 Roy Voss, Percy Miller Gallery, London 2000 These Days: New works by Roy Voss, Percy Miller Gallery, London 1998 Black and Blue, Richard Salmon Gallery, London Selected Group Exhibitions 2014 A Union of Voices, Horatio Junior, London 2013 After Hours Drop Box, Modern Art, Oxford; Spike Island, Bristol; For What It Is John Lawrence, Roy Voss, Andor Gallery, London; Wonderland, Annely Juda Gallery, London; Drawing 2013, The Drawing Room, London 2012 After Hours Drop Box, Andor Gallery, London; Multiplied, Christies, London; Matt’s Gallery artists at Deutsche Bank, Great Winchester Street, London; The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London; In Residence, Lancaster University Gallery; Switch, Curated by Phyllida Barlow, Baltic 39, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Ps and Qs, Joshua Baskin Gallery, Glasgow 2011 Friendship of the Peoples, Simon Oldfield Gallery, London; Fordham Gallery at Maddox Arts, London; Multiplied with Matt’s Gallery, Christies, London; Drawing 2011, The Drawing Room, London 2010 Modern Love, Simon Oldfield gallery, London; The Crystal Palace (Destroyed), Works Projects, Bristol; Kate Davis, Roy Voss, The Russian Club Gallery, London; Sameness and Difference, The Russian Club Gallery, London 2009 Rotate, Contemporary Arts Society, London; Betrayal, East House Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway / Whitecross Gallery, London; Shunt: David Fletcher, Simon Logan, Roy Voss, Cluster Gallery, Berlin; Drawing 2009 - Biennial Fundraiser, The Drawing Room, London; Collaborators, Room, London 2008 The Lighthouse Keeper. A short story of romantic childhood ambitions. (Performance). What do Artists do? Participating artist in research project organised by Phyllida Barlow, Unit 18 studios, London; Skit (Performance) David Cheeseman and Roy Voss, The Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre; I am Comedy, Worm, Rotterdam; W139, Amsterdam; HMK, Hoorn; Farmer’s Market, Handel Street Projects, London; Zoo Art Fair with Works Projects, Royal Academy, London; Art Futures, Bloomberg Space, London 2007 Michael Dean and Roy Voss, The Pit, London; Zoo Art Fair, Royal Academy, London; ETC, Amergerfælledvej Art Project, Copenhagen 2006 Multiples, Room, Bristol, Room, London; Altered Beast, Three Colts Gallery, London; Picnic Area (Dumb Interior), curated by Simon Morrissey, Room, Bristol 2005 Multiples, Lot, Bristol; Painting: London, Holly Snapp Gallery, 51st Venice Biennale, Venice 2004 dreaming of a white, Arts and Business, London; Arteriera, Bologna 2003 Side Track, Percy Miller Gallery, London; Scenery, Nouva Icona at Santa Maria del Soccorso, 50th Venice Biennale, Venice; Scenery, Richard Salmon Gallery, London; Approaching Content, Harris Museum and Gallery, Preston; Crafts Council Gallery, London 2002 Art Brussels with Percy Miller Gallery, Brussels 2001 Bitter Sweet, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London; Tom Chamberlain / Mandy Ure / Udo Noger / Roy Voss, Galerie Hollenbach, Stuttgart; ARTissma, Turin, Italy 2000 Recent Paintings: Alan Brooks, Gerard Quinn, Roy Voss, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall; Drawing, Percy Miller Gallery, London; Paintings: Simon Callery, Jane Harris, Mandy Ure, Roy Voss, Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham; ARTissma Turin, Italy; 20/21 British Art, Royal College of Art, London; Art Forum, Berlin 1999 Reciprocity: Forster, Leapman, Voorsanger, Voss, The Sun and Doves Gallery, London; Furniture, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Edwardes Square Studios, London 1998 In a meeting: Bella Kerr, Jonathan Parsons, Stewart Wilson, Roy Voss, Grayson House, London; Craft, Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Vardy Gallery, Sunderland; Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge; 20th Century British Art, Royal College of Art, London 1997 Craft, Richard Salmon Gallery, London; Plastic, Walsall Museum and Art Gallery, Walsall; Arnolfini, Bristol; Remaking Reality, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge 1996 Plastic, Richard Salmon Gallery, London; Between Patients, Swan Yard, London

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Public Collections British Government Collection, The Aspen Collection of Contemporary Art, Penguin Books, Wordsworth Trust, Arts Council, England Contemporary Arts Society Catalogues and publications 2013 The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery ISBN 9780854882069 2011 Friendship of the Peoples, Simon Oldfield Gallery ISBN 9780956832924 2010 A Sculpture Walked into a Bar, Ian Hunt, the Russian Club Gallery 2009 Pine Roy Voss, ISBN 9780907623632 2008 Roy Voss, ISBN 9780907623625 2007 Michael Dean Roy Voss, ISBN 100954702581 2006 No place like home, Sotiris Kyriacou, John Plowman, ISBN 09555362601; Roy Voss, Juan Cruz, Simon Morrissey, ISBN 190525606X 2003 Scenery, Martin Herbert, Bernard Walsh, Andrew Spicer, Sally O’Reilly, ISBN 8887632197; Approaching Content, Mark Beasley, Jonathan Parsons ISBN 1903713099 2001 New Paintings by Simon Callery, Jane Harris, Mandy Ure, Roy Voss, Martin Herbert, Simon Wallis, ISBN 1900809 80X 1999 Furniture, Paul Heber-Percy, Martin Herbert, ISBN 1873550111 1998 Roy Voss Black and Blue, Stuart Morgan, Martin Herbert ISBN 1873550092; Craft: Simon Watney, Janis Jefferies and Roy Voss, ISBN 1873550074 1997 Plastic, Neil Cummings. ISBN 187355001X 1996 Remaking Reality, Simon Wallis. ISBN 090707460X Selected Reviews 2012 Nicholas Warner, ArtMonthly, September; Martin Herbert, ArtMonthly, November 2009 Larne Abse Gocarty, Art Monthly, May 2008 Ilsa Colsell, Frieze, October; Laura Wilson, Artvehicle No. 36, November–December; Rajesh Punj, Flash Art. International Edition. Vol. XLI No. 263; Pick of the week, The Guardian, 20 September 2007 Kristine Kern, Politiken, Lorday, 3 November 2006 Cat Davidson, Picnic Area (dumb interior), Metro, 6 February; Charles Danby, Picnic Area (dumb interior), a-n, April 2003 Martin Coomer, Time Out No.1706; Jessica Lack, The Guardian Guide, 1 March 2002 Mark Wilshire, What's On, 5 June; Paul Clark, Evening Standard, 3 May; Helen Sumpter, Evening Standard, 30 May; Mark Wilshire, Sight Specific, 30 May 2001 Martin Herbert, Profile: Roy Voss, Art Review, 11 November; Simon Morley, The Independent on Sunday, 13 August; Robert Clark, The Guardian Guide, 6 May 1999 Lisa Panting, Contemporary Visual Arts, Issue 23; Deborah Schultz, Art Monthly, No. 225; Martin Coomer, Time Out No. 1489; John Tozer, Art Monthly No. 212 1998 Juan Cruz, Contemporary Visual Arts, Issue 20; Sue Hubbard, Time Out No. 1456

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