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Phillip Warnell: Hyper Passive, In Camera, Shock 7 September–2 October 2005

Fiona Crisp, Matthew Tickle, Phillip Warnell | Hyper Passive, In Camera, Shock, 2005

Phillip Warnell, Shock, 2003/05 (installation view)

Phillip Warnell, Shock, 2003/05 (installation view)

Phillip Warnell, Shock, 2003/05 (installation view)

Press Information
Working primarily with photographic or videographic equipment, the three artists exhibiting together at Matt’s Gallery will be installing works which explore the mechanisms of the camera and play on the relationship between camera, light, space and time in the production of an image.

Fiona Crisp’s four photographs, taken from three different current series’, are presented in this exhibition under the title Hyper Passive. The photographs work together to problematise the presence of light, containing either an excess of light, or too little, or creating an uncomfortably indeterminate relation between interior and exterior space. Crisp states ‘I am not interested in presenting the world coalesced into a dynamic visual image – either staged or documentary. I want to create a hiatus, suspended from space and time and yet absolutely bound by space and time – an impossible space.’

For his third exhibition at Matt’s Gallery, Matthew Tickle continues to explore the indeterminacies of perception and illumination. Using a Geiger counter to trigger the projection of an image, Tickle’s In Camera allows the moment of revelation to occur entirely randomly, both artist and viewer dependent upon an imperceptible change in the environment to create the conditions for viewing. This configuration of elements reflects the subject of Tickle’s photograph and text, which reveal a collision of the seemingly random and the

Phillip Warnell’s Shock is a dual-screen video work which offers the viewer an opportunity to witness the de-stabilisation of a portrait of the body. Each sequence, set in a green-screen environment, shows a digitally composed couple caught in a technologically mediated intensification of a reflex reaction; a one second event that, once mediated using a high-speed technological eye, becomes a forty-second playback sequence.

The construction of the space for this exhibition was supported by The Henry Moore Foundation. The production of Fiona Crisp's work for this exhibition was financially supported by Arts Council England, North East. Phillip Warnell's Shock was commissioned by FuturePhysical & Arts Council England, East, 2003. For further information and visual material please contact the gallery.

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