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REVOLVER II Interventions | Craig Barnes, Peter Liversidge, James Coleman | 10 September–14 December 2014

Craig Barnes, Futuro, 2014. Courtesy the artist.

Peter Liversidge, The Sign Paintings, 2014. Photograph by Robin Klassnik courtesy the artist, Matt's Gallery, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh and Sean Kelly, New York.

Craig Barnes
10 September–14 December 2014

Centre For Remote Possibilities

For Revolver II Craig Barnes has created the Centre for Remote Possibilities, a temporary space in which he will host an intimate and informal series of talks, discussions, lectures, exhibitions, screenings and performances at 4pm every day during REVOLVER II Part Three: Perform* (19 November–14 December 2014).

A web cam in the space is on hand to document the ongoing activities from 12–6pm each day, witnessing the transformation of the space into a theatre of sorts where rehearsal, setting up  and deconstruction of a performance can be observed on a personal level.

Live Event Programme
(all times 4pm unless stated)


Graham Fagen
Sunday 16 November, 4pm

Craig Barnes
Wednesday 19 November, 4pm

Sean Dower
Thursday 20 November, 4pm

RCA Visual Cultures
Friday 21 November, 4pm

Keef Winter, Steve Ennis, Rory Phillips
Saturday 22 November, 4pm

Jefford Horrigan
Sunday 23 November, 4pm

Silent Citadel Jonathan Baldock & Rafal Zajko
Wednesday 26 November, 4pm
Dressed in costume and mask Jonathan Baldock and Rafal Zajko will take on a set of characters making nods to 60s, 70s and 80s sci-fi movies, communist architecture and the idea of future past. From reading, meditation, sleeping, eating and dancing - all will be conducted in whispers out of ear shot of from the all seeing eye of big brother.

38b presents Wonder Stories
Thursday 27 November, 4pm
Inspired by old sci-fi and pulp story magazines such as Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures, this session of live performances will craft a line-up of fantastic, strange and unusual stories in response to the Futuro House and its sense of oddity and adventure. A mix of live story-telling, spoken word and music from Reet Maff'l (Luke Drozd and Andy Abbott), Jenny Moore, Dave Maric, Holly Pester and Now Owl.

Vladimir Putin, Master of Animals Jonathan Trayner
Friday 28 November, 4pm

Every Spectator Is Either A Traitor Or A Coward
Saturday 29 November, 4pm
A screening Program selected by Ross Downes: The Hour Of The Furnaces - Part 1, dir Octavio Getino + Fernando Solanas; Perfumed Nightmare, dir Kidlat Tahimik; Contra’s City, dir Djibril Dio Mambety; The Vampires Of Poverty, dir Luis Ospina / Carlos Mayola; Punishment Park, dir Peter Watkins.

Ansuman Biswas
Sunday 30 November, 4pm


Peter Fillingham
Wednesday 3 December, 4pm

Patrick Coyle
Thursday 4 December, 4pm
Yuki Nishimura
Thursday 4 December, 7pm

Lindsay Seers
Friday 5 December, 4pm

Tom Crawford
Saturday 6 December, 4pm

Daniel Kelly
Sunday 7 December, 4pm

Nathaniel Pitt
Wednesday 10 December, 2pm matinee
Daniel Pryde-Jarman
Wednesday 10 December, 4pm

Nicolas Pope
Thursday 11 December, 2pm
Kieren Reed
Thursday 11 December, 4pm

Barry Sykes
Friday 12 December, 2pm
Holly Slingsby
Friday 12 December, 4pm

Laura Milnes
Saturday 13 December, 4pm

Guy Gormley
Sunday 14 December, 4pm
Peter Liversidge, Justin Hibbs, Ben Lancaster & Sean Roche
Sunday 14 December, 6pm–9pm


Visits to the Centre will take place for approximately 8 people at a time during gallery opening hours (last admission 5:45pm). Groups will be taken to the Futuro through the loading bay at Matt’s Gallery and will operate in a first-come first-served basis — timings subject to the live content.

The Centre for Remote Possibilities is an ongoing body of work and research, taking place in a 1972-built Futuro House that Barnes has restored and is now situated on the 5th floor roof of Matt's Gallery’s Copperfield Road site.

Framing London through its eighteen elliptical windows, the interior was initially empty aside from sound sculptures made in collaboration with MortonUnderwood that visitors could play with in Part Two. As the work unfolds in Part Three, the space will become a depository of ephemera associated with the activities and events that take place each day by a wide range of invited practitioners.

Participants will include Jefford Horrigan, Graham Fagen, Lindsay Seers, Jem Finer, Ansuman Biswas, Peter Liversidge, Daniel Kelly and many more, including Matt’s Gallery founder Robin Klassnik in conversation with artist Barnes and project architect Jason Pritchard of EdgeDesignWorkshop. All activities will be live streamed here.

This Futuro House is one of approximately only 80 manufactured worldwide. Conceived by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen (1933 – 2013) as an easily transportable modular ski chalet made predominantly of fibreglass, its commercial appeal was hindered by the public’s reticence to exist in spaces without right angles, and the oil crisis of 1973 causing oil derivative prices to treble.

Prior to REVOLVER II, the last and only Futuro house to grace London’s skyline was aboard a ferry on the Thames in 1968 as part of houses’ launch at the FinnFocus trade exhibition. The Daily Mail wrote:

“This object, looking like everyone else’s idea of a flying saucer from outer Space, is the Finnish idea of a perfect weekend cottage.”

For more information on Barnes’ restoration of the Futuro House and future projects click here.

Centre For Remote Possibilities is generously supported by Arts Council England, Matt’s Gallery, London, ACME Studios and EdgeDesignWorkshop.

REVOLVER II sponsors

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Peter Liversidge
10 September–14 December 2014

Peter Liversidge’s polymath approach to making artworks has resulted in a diverse body of work, which exists within the writing of Proposals.

The typewriter-typed Proposals create a framework within which realized works exist engaging; sculpture, painting, performance, installation, intervention, book works alongside proposed works which exist solely as typed ideas on A4 pieces of paper.

For Revolver II a single work is proposed. The Sign Paintings are black acrylic on cardboard, installed to the exterior of Matt’s Gallery. Part painting, part performance, part documentation, the text signs will evolve day and night, as the show unfolds from September to December.

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James Coleman
10 September–14 December 2014

James Coleman has exhibited in one-person and group exhibitions since 1970. Major solo exhibitions were held at the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (2012); the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2009), Museu do Chiado, Lisbon (2004-05), Whitechapel Gallery, London (1983), the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (1999), Centre George Pompidou, Paris (1996), The Dia Center for the Arts, New York (1994-95), ICA, London (1986), and the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago (1985). He was also included in several of the Documenta exhibitions, Kassel (1992,1997, 2002, 2007) and in ‘Between Cinema and a Hard Place’, Tate Modern, London, 2000.

The artist received both the Kurt-Schwitters Prize, Hannover, Germany and the Kunstpreis München in 2002.

James Coleman lives and works in Dublin and Paris.

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