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REVOLVER II Part 1 | Deirdre O'Dwyer, Lizzie Hughes, Danh Võ, Lucia Nogueira | 10 September–5 October 2014 | Private View: Sunday 7 September 2–5pm

Deirdre O'Dwyer, Dear Self, 2014. Animated film projection (detail), courtesy the artist.

Lizzie Hughes, Fountain (Zoom), 2014. Courtesy the artist and courtesy Animate Projects.

Danh Võ, Work in progress at Porto Culturgest, Portugal, 2014. Photo courtesy the artist.

Lucia Nogueira, Carousel, 1992. Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London.

Deirdre O'Dwyer
For REVOLVER II, O'Dwyer is projecting an animated 16mm film, Dear Self. Each frame is a digital photograph of a drawing on a US Postal Service Express Mail envelope. 1461 envelopes were photographed, with three identical frames appearing successively to make 4383 film frames. This sequence runs in reverse for another 4383 frames. The entire film is loaded into the projector as on a twisted loop, so that both forward and backward sequences are seen again in their mirror image.

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Lizzie Hughes
The primary enquiry of Hughes' work lies with gathering empirical data and collating it in such a way that structures and networks are given definition through the process of disengaging them from their supporting backgrounds. Often the scale and complexity of the subjects she chooses to work with would suggest that they should defy the singular visualisation that she is striving to achieve. Iconic buildings, entire cities and geographical phenomena are presented as finite entities in sound, text and video works.

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Danh Võ
Born in Vietnam and brought up in Denmark, Danh Võ’s work often draw upon elements of personal lived experience to explore broader historical, social or political themes, particularly those relating to the history of Vietnam at the close of the twentieth century. His installations often address issues relating to identity and belonging, authorial status, ownership and the role of personal relationships. He is particularly interested in the discrepancies between myth and reality, past and present, and the identities and histories imposed upon him by others and those that he creates for himself.

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Lucia Noguiera
Throughout the three parts of the exhibition a different work by Nogueira will be exhibited in a dedicated, evolving gallery space. In Part One artist Danh Vo selected Nogueira's 1992 work Carousel to be exhibited.

Before her death in 1998, the Brazilian artist Lucia Nogueira was predominantly known for her sculptural installations using everyday objects, intentionally creating work that left questions unanswered, deferred closure and implicated the spectator in creating meaning by bringing to the work their own memories and imagination.

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