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Matt’s Gallery Artists Behind Bars

Established in 1979, the underlying principle of Matt’s Gallery is to identify artists at key stages of their career that require the time, support and development to produce ambitious projects for public output. Artists Behind Bars will form part of the Matt's Gallery moving party celebrations.

Kitty Finer is an artist and entertainer. She has performed in both planned and impromptu performances across the world: from festivals in Japan to lobbies in Las Vegas. She is a committed songwriter and performs her songs in bands of her own devising and solo. "Lobby Star" is her debut EP. Long before the term "pop up" popped up, Kitty's many and various makeshift shops, bars and galleries have appeared under the influence of interim interventions, the oftentimes illicit social spaces of raves, fiestas, carnivals and beach bars. "Artists Behind Bars" was devised as a way of bringing together artists who also share an interest in spontaneous structures of hospitality and the part time roll of bar tending.

X Marks the Bökship is a bookshop and project space for independent publishers. It has been squatting in Matt’s Gallery for 2 years. Projects here have included the Artists’ Billboard, Publication as Practice 2, The Cast of the Crystal Set and Push Bar to Open.

Your support for Matt’s Gallery is essential, empowering us to enter a new era where we can maintain our crucial role at the very forefront of the contemporary art world. To donate please click here.


Artists Behind Bars is a group show

For one night shift only
The bar is the work of art
The artist is the bartender
and the spectator is the punter.

More than 25 artists will be
building, installing, hosting and
running their own bars that will
takeover the gallery for the evening.

The audience will be mingling between
the bars as if it were a street party.

All bars with be cash only
and drinks will vary.

Artists Behind Bars is an event concocted by Kitty Finer that brings together artists who share an interest in spontaneous structures of hospitality and the (part time) role of bartending. We are working with Kitty to host the ‘Artists Behind Bars' event for our moving party.

Artists Behind Bars

Presented by Kitty Finer, Matt’s
Gallery and X Marks the Bökship
Saturday 23 April 2016, 6pm to End
Location: Matt's Gallery, 42 to 44
Copperfield Road, London, E3 4RR

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Participating Artists

Robin Klassnik
Melanie Jackson & Jennet Thomas
Richard Grayson
Tai Shani
The Caged Antelope
Holly Slingsby
Jo Bruton & Lucy Gunning
Brian Catling
Laura Dee Milnes
Silvia Ziranek & Tatty Devine
Sophie Cundale
Kitty Finer
Patrick Goddard
Keef Winter & Steven Morgan
Samuel Levack & Jen Lewandowski
Laura Hensser
Sarah Duffy
Angus Braithwaite & Benedict Drew
Lucy Woodhouse
Eleanor Vonne Brown
Push Bar To Open
Julika Gittner
Rosalie Schweiker
Cullinan Richards
Behind the X
OSE Studio Bar
Da Thirst
Ruth Beale
Liam Scully
The Caged Antelope
& More TBC


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