Susan Hiller

Widely recognized as a pioneer of installation and multimedia art, Susan Hiller (1940-2019) was one of the most influential artists of her generation. Born in Tallahassee, Florida, she was based mainly in London from the early 1960s, coming to prominence in the 1980s for her innovative use of audio and visual technologies. Her works always began with a specific cultural artefact – from postcards and bedroom wallpaper to German street signs and extinct languages – which she used as a way of excavating overlooked, marginalised, or repressed aspects of culture: an approach which she labelled ‘paraconceptual’. Many works explored the liminality of certain phenomena, including dreaming, automatic writing, near-death experiences, and collective experiences of unconscious or paranormal activity. Although not represented by Matt’s Gallery, she had four exhibitions at the gallery between 1980 and 2013 that introduced some of her most groundbreaking and iconic works. The Estate of Susan Hiller is represented by Lisson Gallery.