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Richard Grayson, Artist's Talk

23 February 2024, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Nine Elms, Etc Space

An opportunity to hear Richard Grayson speak about this new body of work W.S.I.N. (Weird Shit In Nature) and the making of the exhibition at Matt's Gallery.

Free, booking required - link below.

Richard Grayson’s work is concerned with the relationships between subjective and objective readings of the world, ways we construct different models and how belief-systems shape our sense of the real and the possible. There is a particular focus on how older models of belief and understanding might be shaped and reformed by digital technologies and their emergent cultures. Recent projects include large scale video and sound installation, drawing, embroidery, web-based moving image and 3D.

W.S.I.N. is an exhibition of new works in sculpture, video and augmented reality. W.S.I.N. uses sculpture, 3D modelling, digital animation and Augmented Reality to model a world where the materials of culture/technology have seeped into nature and taken root. A world where smart materials and distributed intelligences leach into mineral and organic matrixes to become new entities, where hybrid beings grow from forever chemicals and micro-plastics in rocky outcrops.

The exhibition is open 31 January – 24 March 2024, Wednesday-Sunday, 12–6pm.