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Jennet Thomas, The Great Curdling

31 March 2023, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Nine Elms

Join us on 31 March, for The Great Curdling, a screening and live performance by Jennet Thomas.

This event is sold out.

The Great Curdling is a Folk-Sci-Fi musical which explores the feeling that collective reality is at tipping point.

On a beach, two outcast women meet accidentally when they are attacked by autonomous flying packages. In a comfortable living room, a father is interrogated by an Alexa-like voice and his answers build a picture of a world where ‘animals ended’ but mourning them is taboo. Although the sea is dying, it's spawning a new kind of life –creatures that are half-cartoon, and take the form of tiny flexing hands. A funeral cult has formed, worshiping this new phenomena. It’s teaching the women how to re-format the colonized, curdled bodies of the dead into a new substance.

This new 24 minute film was commissioned by Whitstable Biennale 2022 and is the final part of the series ANIMAL CONDENSED>ANIMAL EXPANDED, with original music by Leo Chadburn.

Other parts of the series will also be screened, followed by THE ERROR MODE, a 12 minute Live Musical Sermon by Jennet Thomas and the Curdles, whose bizarre costumes collide PPE suits, horned mutant creatures and tattered shreds of English flags. The performance expands upon the world of The Great Curdling, and will provide you, the audience, with the advice, warnings, and chastisement you need to survive.

Doors will open at 7:30 pm