Tarzan Kingofthejungle


14 – 15 September 2021

MattFlix presents Tarzan Kingofthejungle’s Dog (2019), the second instalment in Not long but very good.

Not long but very good is a programme of four short artist films, each screened for 24 hours. The artists participating are all 2021 graduates from London art schools. Kingofthejungle graduated with an BA in Fine Art at the Slade School of Art.

A scene takes place on a black and white chequered floor with no edges or horizon. The only visible character in shot is a white dog whose face we never see. It stands in the spotlight, cropped and inanimate.

The high frequency pitter-patter of rain on stone and the low frequency, distant rumble of thunder are accompanied by a disembodied voice reciting a nonsensical, romantic monologue.

The subject of the speech drifts aimlessly between the passing of time, impermanence, desire and regret. Despite the vague, grandiose nature of his speech, the character's tone is reflective and sincere.

Many thanks to Julius Burton and Alexander Doddy.

Duration: 02:30, looping

Find our more about Tarzan Kingofthejungle’s work at tarzankingofthejungle.com and follow him on Instagram at @tarzan_kingofthejungle