An introduction to the series Ourhouse by Nathaniel Mellors. Recorded in Los Angeles, June 2020 for MattFlix.

Nathaniel Mellors, Ourhouse, Episode 1: Games, 2010. 36'05".

Nathaniel Mellors


12 – 26 June 2020

MattFlix presents Episode 1 of Ourhouse (2010 - ongoing), a five-part film series written and directed by Nathaniel Mellors, plus a special introduction to the work created for Mattflix.

The series’ narrative follows the Maddox-Wilson family, an unconventional grouping whose roles begin to shift when they are unexpectedly confronted by the manifestation of ‘The Object’ in their country home. ‘The Object’ begins to ingest and excrete books from the family’s shelves, taking control of language within the house, which appears to have a profound effect on the conduct of each family member.

Duration (Introduction): 8:16
Duration (Ourhouse E1: Games): 36:05