Katharine Meynell


21 June – 23 August 2024

MattFlix is pleased to present Soil (2024) by Katharine Meynell.

Soil is a single channel video, in part of images, events and performances created during a residency at Live Art Ireland in Tipperary.

In and of the soil, as a delicate yet mighty balancing act.
It started as a diary and a love poem written during a ‘soil residency’ in Tipperary, it became a performance sitting in a bucket of earth and lying in a duvet of turf. Infused with the dearness of justice, my thoughts shifted between resignation and hope. I raked over these and a collage of images were subsequently added. It was made without budget, often as selfies (cameras taped to window frames, etc) fittingly made within an economy of means. This is an account of a symbiotic bond to the earth, it takes a dip into the political, economic and biological. It reflects on the proximity to soil that is emotional, physical and inevitable.

- KM, June 2024

Duration: 17′38″

Thanks: Live Art Ireland, Roland Denning, Deej Fabyc

In memory of Hildamarie Hendricks

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