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Richard Grayson, W.S.I.N. (Weird Shit In Nature), 2023, digital video still

Richard Grayson, W.S.I.N. (Weird Shit In Nature), 2023, digital video still


Tuesday 5 December 2023

2024 Programme Announcement

Richard Grayson, Harminder Judge, Michelle Williams Gamaker

Announcing our 2024 Programme

Richard Grayson
W.S.I.N. (Weird Shit In Nature)

PV 28 January 2024, 2-5pm
Exhibition 31 January – 24 March 2024
Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6pm

Matt’s Gallery announces W.S.I.N. (Weird Shit In Nature), a new installation, video and augmented reality work by Richard Grayson.

A paper recently published in the journal Nature reported that in 2020, for the first time, the weight of human-made material on the planet exceeded that of the calculated bio-mass: there is now more human-made material than ‘natural’ material. This matter has penetrated all areas of the globe: artificial substances are detected throughout the food chain, microplastics are inside our bodies and in the air and in the high mountains.

W.S.I.N. uses sculpture, 3D modelling, digital animation and Augmented Reality to model a world where the materials of culture/technology have seeped into nature and taken root. A world where smart materials and distributed intelligences leach into mineral and organic matrixes to become new entities, where hybrid beings grow from forever chemicals and micro-plastics in rocky outcrops.

W.S.I.N. will be open to the public
31 January – 24 March 2024, Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm.

With thanks to the Richard Grayson Exhibition Supporters Circle for their generous support.

Full details can be found here

Harminder Judge
May - July 2024

An exhibition of new work created for the gallery by Harminder Judge. Developed in collaboration with The Sunday Painter, concurrent exhibitions will take place at both gallery spaces. Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation.

Michelle Williams Gamaker
September - December 2024

A new exhibition by Michelle Williams Gamaker, comprising moving image, a film set, and an audio installation.

(Image: Michelle Williams Gamaker, The Fruit is There to be Eaten, 2018, still. Duration: 26:45. HDV, colour, sound)

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