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Wednesday 10 July 2024

Art Data is Matt's Gallery new book distributor

We are pleased to announce that our publications are now distributed by Art Data.

Publishing has been a part of Matt’s Gallery since it began and continues to be central to what we do. We are delighted to be moving ahead with this new partnership with Art Data.

We continue to sell directly through our website shop, and ask wholesalers, shops and stockists to direct enquiries to Art Data at orders@artdata.co.uk.

Our back catalogue includes books by Jordan Baseman, Anne Bean, Paul Burwell, Brian Catling, Fiona Crisp, Willie Doherty, Lucy Gunning, Gerard Hemsworth, Melanie Jackson, Ian McKeever, Nathaniel Mellors, Hayley Newman, Kate Smith, Imogen Stidworthy, Matthew Tickle, David Troostwyk and Alison Turnbull.

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