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Wednesday 1 November 2023

Benedict Drew

'Ecstatic Melody' at EUCA Annex

EUCA Annex presents The Light Becomes The Eye, an exhibition of video works including Ecstatic Melody (2023) by Benedict Drew. This new work will remain unfinished, and will be different every time it is shown.

The show opens Friday 3 November and will run through to 19 November 2023, with a private view on Thursday 9th November from 6-8.30pm.

In The Light Becomes The Eye, EUCA Annex brings together the work of five artists - Benedict Drew,Alasdair Asmussen Doyle,Melanie Manchot, Miranda Pennell and Sasha Pirker - whose diverse practices playfully investigate the malleability of physical & filmic space, the slippages between perception and proximity and the agency of the camera.

EUCA Annex
67 Havant rd
London E17 3JE

03 - 19 November 2023
Fri - Sun, 12-6 pm, or by appointment

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