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Thursday 8 December 2022

Bronwen Buckeridge

Widowhood book launch at DUST

DUST welcomes you to the first of a series of DUST-DUST Gatherings to celebrate the West Penwith launch of 'Widowhood', Bronwen Buckeridge's artist book published by Matt's Gallery in 2021. Join us at Dust 4pm Saturday 10th December for readings, sound and a glass of something warming.

The book launch of Widowhood will be streamed live on https://youtu.be/MmgT4pJShOk

Taking its name from a racing strategy and Bronwen Buckeridge’s 2018 exhibition at Matt’s Gallery, Widowhood is an extended race report documenting the passage of the pigeons sprinting home from the gallery in London to their lofts scattered around the Kent countryside. In the form of a parallel text, Widowhood tracks the movements of one of the widowed pigeons against the banter of the pigeon men waiting at the lofts for the birds to return. Gathering together images from the marking up and release of the birds on race day, this artist’s book is a poignant exploration of the private act of waiting and a shared narrative of love, loss and longing.

You can buy Bronwen Buckeridge's Widowhood from the Matt's Gallery shop.

DUST is an artist led project space set up by Lucy Willow in 2020 operating from an old shop in Penzance. The shop brings together artefacts, objects, artworks and research relating to death and grief.

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