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Thursday 2 February 2023

Imogen Stidworthy

Radical Therapies Fellowship

Imogen Stidworthy is one of the recipients of the Radical Therapies Mellon Fellowship for Arts Practice & Scholarship, awarded By The Richard And Mary L. Gray Center For Arts And Inquiry, University Of Chicago.

Radical Therapies is a research and experimental film project, bringing together an anthropologist (William Mazzarella), philosopher (Aaron Schuster) and artist (Imogen Stidworthy) to investigate questions of therapy today. In a context of global crises on many fronts—covid, climate, racism, energy, economy, Ukraine—this collaborative team sees a widespread preoccupation with trauma and healing. It comes amid a slow sea-change in popular attitudes to therapy, with an exponential growth in people turning to different forms of wellness and care, and clinical research into once marginal therapeutic practices. In academia and the arts, projects about trauma and care proliferate. This fellowship will work with a small number of therapeutic practices in terms of how they conceive and shape interpersonal dynamics, in and beyond self-other, subject-object relations, and especially how they challenge notions of therapy, care and cure themselves.

Read more on the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry website.

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