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Wednesday 13 March 2024

Jo Bruton

'Undoing, Redoing, Revolting: A Feminist Response to the Special Collections at Chelsea College of Arts'

A Survival Kit by Jo Bruton is part of the exhibition Undoing, Redoing, Revolting: A Feminist Response to the Special Collections, which just opened at the Chelsea College of Art Library.

A Survival Kit
responds to Ida Applebroog’s book series A Performance (1977), in which the home looks like a stage and a dangerous space for women to occupy. Using the handbag as prop and necessity, Bruton’s A Survival Kit remakes Applebroog’s book into said kit to reveal a ‘hidden narrative’.

This exhibition, organised by members of the Subjectivity and Feminisms Research Group at Chelsea College of Arts, includes:

Denise Ackerl & Maurizio Cattelan
Gill Addison & Lucy R. Lippard
Jo Bruton & Ida Applebroog
Fran Cottell & Edward Ruscha
Rosemary Cronin & Sharon Kivland
Cécile Emmanuelle Borra & Sophie Calle
Lana Locke & Pipilotti Rist
Mo Throp & Lucian Freud
Maria Walsh & Matthew Crawley
Secondeditions & Lucy R. Lippard

Show continues: 6 March 2024 - 28 March 2024
Mon - Fri, 9 am-10 pm
Sat, 10 am-8 pm
Chelsea College of Arts Library
16 John Islip Street
SW1P 4JU London

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