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Friday 3 March 2023

Jordan Baseman

'We lived happily during the war' at Cross Lane Projects

Jordan Baseman will be showing his video work Gigantic (2019) in the group show We lived happily during the war at Cross Lane Projects.

25 March – 22 April 2023
Opening: Friday 24 March, 6-8pm

We lived happily during the war brings together a group of artists to explore themes of war, notions of dislocated landscape, and supernatural fictional narratives. Curated by Denise Hawrysio, the exhibition features work by Michael Allgoewer, Jordan Baseman, Denise Hawrysio, Marc Hulson, Rebecca Scott, and Stanislav Turina.

The exhibition title is borrowed from Ukrainian poet Ilya Kaminsky, whose poem ‘We Lived Happily During The War’ voices the guilt and cognitive dissonance felt by the speaker while a distant war is raging. In the poem, as in this exhibition, love, joy, and humour mingle with grief and trauma.

Jordan Baseman’s Gigantic (2019) consists of a fast-moving landscape filmed from a speeding vehicle, with blurred treetops and foliage. Recorded on 16mm film, using in-camera animation techniques, the film is an anxiety-driven, sugar-overloaded, stuttering recollection. A day out gone wrong.

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