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Friday 21 October 2022

Jordan Baseman

UNTV Drive-in Cinema

Jordan Baseman's film, A River in Reverse, will be screened 30 October 8pm, as part of the UNTV Drive-in Cinema in the heart of Western lutruwita/Tasmania, produced by cultural organisation The Unconformity.

A River in Reverse is the result of Jordan's residency with The Unconformity in Queenstown in 2018. The film is a portrait of the near-dead Queen River and The Confluence: Where the King River and the Queen River meet, where toxic water from the mines commingles with the less polluted waters of the King.

At the UNTV Drive-in Cinema, short films by independent artists and filmmakers, curated to themes exploring regionality, visitation and identity, will be shown in-between more mainstream feature-length films. UNTV is an evolving screen-based project exploring the dynamics of moving image, memory and habitation in relation to the West Coast of lutruwita/Tasmania.

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