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Wednesday 13 March 2024

Lucy Gunning

'Backgrounds: Green' at No Show Space

No Show Space launches a new shop with 24 works by Lucy Gunning from 14 March to 17 March.

Backgrounds: Green are used paper packaging in varying sizes painted in egg tempera and individually priced at £50

Lucy Gunning alluded to backgrounds of various kinds in her recent exhibition 'un' at No Show Space: from the history of the premises in the furniture trade and the local silk weaving and interlinked flax/linen industry to the specific environment of the gallery space, the grey floor and white walls.

Backgrounds: Green were exhibited beside growing flax plants, titled Lines of Usefulness and The Frogs, an iPhone video of frogs camouflaged in their environment. The paper packaging was painted in situ with egg tempera paint, made by the artist in various shades of green, including Bethnal Green. The empty egg boxes were repurposed as seed trays for the growing flax. In the local library and archive Lucy found that the first occupant of the premises in 1902 was an egg merchant.

All works are on display and available to purchase in the pop up shop from Thursday 14 March to Sunday 17 March, 12 - 6 pm.

Opening drinks: Thursday 14 March, 5 - 7 pm.

No Show Space
39 Temple Street
London E2 6QQ

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