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Monday 31 October 2022

The Horror Show! at Somerset House

Including works by Anne Bean, Lucy Gunning, Susan Hiller, Harminder Judge, Tina Keane, Lindsey Mendick, Tai Shani and Suzanne Treister

Several artists who have worked with Matt's Gallery over the years feature in The Horror Show!, a major exhibition now open at Somerset House. Including works by Anne Bean, Lucy Gunning, Susan Hiller, Harminder Judge, Tina Keane, Lindsey Mendick, Tai Shani and Suzanne Treister among many others; The Horror Show! celebrates our greatest cultural provocateurs and visionaries, examining how ideas rooted in horror have informed the last 50 years of creative rebellion in Britain.

The Horror Show! is co-curated by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard and Claire Catterall, who also conceived the idea.

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