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Jordan Baseman

Dark is the Night, 2009


In 2009 Jordan Baseman was commissioned by ArtSway and The Photographers' Gallery, Jordan Baseman to make new film works in and around Soho interviewing residents who range from the notorious to the anonymous, including hedonists and faded actors. As a complement to the exhibition the publication dark is the night was published by The Photographers' Gallery.

The intention was to produce a publication containing critical and creative texts - alongside production stills from the films - that were a response to Soho as a place in the same manner as Baseman's films. David Barrett, a current resident of Soho, has produced a witty and informed text that examines Baseman's new films in the context of Soho as a distinctly original, almost defiantly bohemian place to live. Gemma Seltzer was commissioned to write a creative response to Soho. She has written an honest account of a place with a light touch that is an additional voice to this publication. Also included in this book are transcripts, kept in the interviewees' own words, from each of Baseman's three films. They are included here as a very tangible reproduction of the content of each film, and also echo artist's working process.

Price £10.00
50 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9558406-3-0
Paperback format
Text Jordan Baseman, Gemma Seltzer, Camilla Brown, Peter Bonnell,
Design Mark Segal
Published by The Photographers' Gallery, ArtSway, London, Hampshire