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The God in Hackney

The World in Air Quotes


The World In Air Quotes is the third album by represented artist Nathaniel Mellors' group The God In Hackney.

This is a limited edition baby blue vinyl record with sleeve by Tala Madani.

It has been described as “art-rock as wake-up call” and “pretty magical” (NPR), “the most enthralling melange of art-rock & new wave in the last decade" (Hi-Fi), “an amazing feat … eclecticism, with all its advantages and no trappings” (Echoes and Dust) “excellent, foreboding” (The Wire’s Adventures in Sound and Music radio show), “extraordinarily kaleidoscopic in its beautiful strangeness” (The Seance), like "Peter Gabriel fronting Talking Heads" (Utility Fog, FBI Radio) and featuring “one of the best songs I’ve heard so far in 2023, and almost certainly in all of the 2020s” (Blastitude).

“If there ever was a genre defying, border crossing, progressive prog album, this is it […] The World In Air Quotes stands out between pretty much anything else I have heard this year. Hearing = believing.” (Weirdo Shrine).

Limited edition baby blue 12" vinyl record

Junior Aspirin Records, 2023

The God in Hackney are, on this occasion:
Andy Cooke, Eve Essex, Dan Fox, Ashley Marlowe, Nathaniel Mellors, and Kelly Pratt.

Recorded in Brighton, Chapel Hill, Düsseldorf, Los Angeles, New York City, and Odiham. Mixed by Nathaniel Mellors in Los Angeles. Mastered by Noel Summerville in Old London Town.

Art by Tala Madani. Design by Chris Bloor.

Dedicated to the incorporal forces of Brian Catling & Andrew Weatherall, with love and thanks.

Price: £20 inclusive of VAT