Anne Bean

Chana and Gioia

20 May – 17 June 2022

MattFlix is pleased to present Chana and Gioia (2022), the second instalment in Anne Bean’s Chana Dubinski quartet.

In 2012, Anne Bean left London with just a bag and the name Chana Dubinski, a name related to her Lithuanian/Jewish past as well as her Zambian childhood. Several peripatetic months led her to a small town in the midlands and a renewed art practice. The works created here would eventually take her to Venice, where she installed an exhibition with her close friend Gioia Meller Marcovicz at the 2013 Venice Biennale. The installation provided the context for two collaborative performances, in which Chana and Gioia embraced the roles of ‘artist’ and ‘gallerist’.

Chana and Gioia explores their friendship and collaboration, including the telling of family histories and sometimes horrifying experiences of the Holocaust, and how these shared histories fostered a bond between them.

Duration: 17'13"

A film by Anne Bean and Gioia Meller Marcovicz

Filmed by Janusz Podrazik

Edited by Alex Eisenberg

Commissioned by Matt's Gallery for MattFlix

With support from Art Fund and Arts Council England

Special thanks to Robin Klassnik for fifty years of support, beginning with inviting 'Moody and the Menstruators' to perform at the All Nations Club in 1972.