Angus Braithwaite, the count, 2022. 7'00".

Angus Braithwaite

the count

22 April – 20 May 2022

Angus Braithwaite's the count begins a run of twelve newly commissioned works released each month online. This new series of MattFlix commissions made possible through support from Art Fund.

Based on personal experiences and the narrative traditions of Braithwaite's native Cumbria, the count is an intimate portrait of a Neolithic stone circle in the Eden Valley. The film takes an agnostic view to this still active site, but just because you don't necessarily believe in something, doesn't mean you shouldn't be wary.

This is the second time the artist has collaborated with musician Oliver Marchant (RKB Vitesse). The pair worked together, swapping edits back and forth over the course of three months to develop the sound and image in tandem.

Duration: 7:00
Soundtrack: Oliver Marchant (RKB Vitesse)
Sound master: Amir Soat

Commissioned by Matt's Gallery for MattFlix, with support from Art Fund and Arts Council England.