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Arianne Churchman and Benedict Drew

MAY, 2024

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MAY is a double-LP collection of recordings made between 2020–2023 by Arianne Churchman & Benedict Drew, whose ongoing series channels, inhabits and transmogrifies the vast corpus of traditional English folksong celebrating the most fertile of months. An auditory tapestry, MAY employs at its base a flank of analog synthesizers, field recordings and Churchman’s layered vocals, each combining to form a beautifully dizzy sonic collage that often spirals out across long durations into hypnotic rhythms and jubilant melodies.

Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl pressed by Softwax in Philadelphia.
Recorded in Suffolk, Kent and London between 2020 – 2023.

All music and lyrics traditional, arranged and with additional lyrics by Arianne Churchman & Benedict Drew.
Compiled and reedited from releases published by Thanet Tape Centre on the first of May 2020 – 2024.

Artwork by Arianne Churchman & Benedict Drew.
Mastered by Giuseppe Lelasi.
Released by Love's Devotee.

Material: 2 x 12 Inch Vinyl LP

Dimensions: 12″ record

Price: £30 inclusive of VAT

P&P: £6 (UK only)

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