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Michael Curran

The Nine Lives of Muriel Spark, 2018


Michael Curran’s 2018 album The Nine Lives of Muriel Spark was made on the centenary year of the Scottish writer Muriel Spark's birth as part of his tribute to the author: the participatory exhibition THE PUBLIC IMAGE – Scottish Lady Tiger at Generator Projects, Dundee.
As part of the project, The Nine Lives of Muriel Spark was produced featuring sound artists: Viralux (Trish Lyons & Gordon Dawson) [BOX] aka Neil McIntee, UrbanFarmHand (Ben Seal) Somerset Moan (Emil Thompson), Ana Cavic, AD Crawforth and New Root Canal (Rufus Mich).

Media: 12" record
Edition: Edition of 500
Dimensions: 265 mm (w) x 260 mm (h)
Price: £20 inclusive of VAT
P&P: £5 (UK only) and £2 for each additional item
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