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Richard Grayson

The Midnight Amblers: Handel's Messiah


The Midnight Amblers: Handel's Messiah features 20 songs performed by David Duloy, David Messer and Robert Scott. 

In October 2003, Richard Grayson approached the Australian Country and Western Band The Midnight Amblers to collaborate on a project re-arranging and performing the libretto to Handel’s 1742 Oratorio ‘The Messiah’. The result is the music on this album, originally commissioned for Richard Grayson's video installation Messiah, exhibited at Matt's Gallery in 2004.

Recorded March-Nov 2004 at Stagedoor Studios, Messer's Garret and Scott's Basement.

Mixed by Robert Scott.

Produced by The Midnight Amblers

Additional Musicians: David Delves and Michael Kerin

Songs: 20